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WSH Outsourcing
& Consultancy

Outsourcing Safety Professionals.

At 114 Solutions, we offer cost-effective, experienced safety professionals for various industries, providing flexibility, peace of mind, and significant cost savings. We understand the importance of working within your budget and offer flexible engagement options, accommodating both short and long-term projects.



Recruitment & Outsourcing Service Areas We Work In.

WSH Officer

WSH Coordinator

Fire Safety Manager

Confined Space Safety Assessor

WAH Assessor, Manager & Supervisor Lifting Supervisor

Environmental Control Officer


Why You Should Consider Outsourcing to 114 Solutions?

Save cost from hiring a permanent safety professional staff

We have experienced individuals for various industries such as manufacturing, construction or even process plants

We can work within your budget

Flexible in the time engagement for long and short term projects

Peace of mind, safety compliance is taken care of


Consulting Services.

114 Solutions provides comprehensive WSH consulting, from Risk Management to ISO certification. Our Safety Consultants offer expert guidance, customized risk solutions, simplified compliance, cost-efficiency, and incident prevention, empowering your workforce. Choose us for safety excellence.



Why Choose Our Safety Consultants?

Expert Guidance

Tailored Risk Mitigation

Legal Compliance Made Easy

Cost-Efficient Solutions

Empowered Workforce

Incident Investigation and Prevention


WSH Consulting Service Areas We Work In.

Workplace Safety & Health Risk Management


BizSAFE Certification & Renewal Consultancy

Safety & Health Management System Consultancy

ISO 45001, ISO 14001 & ISO 9001 Consultancy

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